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Claire Lilley - Wellbeing in Wiltshire

Welcome to my website. As a Therapeutic Counsellor, my aim is to provide a variety of options to improve both physical and mental health- a holistic way to feel good and to be, and to promote calmness and relaxation. I offer counselling and reiki  near Devizes in Market Lavington, Wiltshire..


As a therapeutic counsellor, a combined approach to psychotherapy enables me to bring together different elements of specific therapies to work in the best way to help you.  I work in an integrative way with a view that there is no single approach that can help each client in all situations.


Indoor therapy may not be for everyone: being outdoors can be very grounding and healing – connecting with nature can promote a sense of calm and serenity, even if the weather is bad! Nature is powerful and profound and can be refreshing for the soul.

Animal-assisted counselling

Animals can play a very important part in the therapeutic process, aiding relaxation and a sense of calm, reflecting mood and body language.


Movement is good for both physical and mental health. Exercise boosts your mood, and improves physical awareness: classes are a great way to make friends.

Life can seem very busy. Taking a mental break through mediation helps you to discover a quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Feeling overwhelmed is common if you have many worries on your mind, and trying to juggle daily life. Mindfulness helps you to focus on one thing at a time, to take time and to find pleasure in simple tasks, bringing a sense of calm to the day.


Physical and emotional issues can have a huge effect on the body’s energy. self-heal. Reiki can help to rebalance the equilibrium  between mind and body through deep relaxation.

I am a qualified Counsellor,  Reiki Master, Exercise Professional, and a British Horse Society Registered Equestrian Coach.

I can offer:

Please contact me for further details on any of the above.

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Good Posture with Claire

Good Posture with Claire

It is important to exercise safely, and that includes checking your posture is correct before you start. Make sure you work in a safe place. If you are working barefoot, make sure the floor is suitable. You know your own body better than anyone, so please exercise responsibly. If you have any doubts about exercising, seek medical advice.

Terms and Conditions

On-line Counselling

On-line Counselling

  • I offer on-line counselling if this is preferable for face-to-face at these difficult times.
  • An introductory chat on the phone for up to 20 minutes is free of charge.
  • Shorter sessions are available: they last for half an hour and cost £20. 


I use Whatsapp or Zoom. Normally, sessions last 50 minutes and cost £40. Email me to book a time and day for your first session, and we can then schedule in further sessions.You can pay by bank transfer, or Paypal.


On-line session