Coping with The Winter Blues

This time of year is tough for many people. Short days and cold wet weather are a long way from the colours and warmth of summer, often leading to depression, or S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

You can read more about Seasonal Affective Disorder here

Useful tips:

What would you enjoy on holiday? Curling up with a good book,  cooking colourful meals such as stir fries, or a spicy curry?  Having time to chill out, or maybe to try a new form of exercise? Try bringing some holiday activities into your day, even for a short time- maybe look at a favourite photo during a coffee break. Lifting your mood by dong something you really enjoy- singing along to a song on the radio, or dancing to a favourite holiday tune.


The weather may be grey, but bringing colour into your life can give you a break from the endless greyness of winter and lift your mood. Wear something colourful for fun, brighten your make-up, paint your nails, wear comedy socks! Dig out your holiday photos for some happy memories and to remind yourself that summer will come.. soon!