Mindfulness Devizes

Mindfulness in Devizes

I offer mindfulness in Devizes.

I offer mindfulness in Devizes and am a member of the Therapist Team at Life on Top at  The Healthy Life Co.

Counselling and Reiki in Devizes

Therapists are located on the top floor of their shop at:

4, The Little Brittox, Devizes SN10 1AR.

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is about being able to consciously be ‘in the moment’- to still a busy mind and to promote calmness and concentration. Focusing on your body as you move will calm your mind- and slow down a ‘busy’ brain. In exercise, mindfulness is about focusing on how we move our bodies to the exclusion of other thoughts. It is about embodiment- being present in your body. 

Why is it beneficial?

Stress can be caused by expecting things to be different than they actually are. Mindfulness can be the simple key to reducing stress by accepting things as they actually are. This acceptance involves making your expectations realistic, acknowledging the imperfection of situations, and finally, knowing that right now in this very moment everything is okay.

 How to include it in daily life

Improving your posture is a key element to well-being. Focusing on yourself – your posture and breath to start with to calm your mind- and to slow down a ‘busy’ brain.

Mindfulness is about enjoying the moment and to see yourself in a kind and positive way, learning techniques that can be used for a short time each day to introduce calmness into your life, reducing the body’s signs of stress such as high blood pressure, feelings of panic, shortness of breathe and so on.

Mindfulness sessions available on request in Devizes and Market Lavington.

Price per session £40 (50 minutes), individual, or shared with a friend.