What is Reiki?

Reiki ( Universal life force) was discovered by Dr Usui. Reiki  is used to provide that extra boost for the body, allowing it to begin the process of self-healing. There is an ancient belief in traditional Chinese Medicine that all physical bodies have a life force or “chi” that flows around us along energy paths called meridians, with centres of energy at various points called chakras.

I am a qualified Reiki Master Practitioner and member of the UK Reiki Foundation

Reiki for you

At present, I work outside in airy therapy room, my lovely garden or fields. respecting the current Covid-19 guidelines.  In a Reiki session, we work on your energy and aura, attuning the body’s vibrations with nature. Reiki is effective at distance, as well as in person, so I offer Zoom as well as face-to-face sessions.

In normal circumstances, you will be fully clothed lying on a couch or sitting on a chair. I will place my hands just above or lightly touch, different areas of you body, concentrating on where the energy is most needed.  During this treatment, you may feel heat, coolness, tingling, or just a deep sense of peace and relaxation. During a treatment, I will channel this energy through my hands and use it to rebalance the chakras, or centres of energy.


Reiki can help to:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Balance mind, body and soul
  • Release blocked emotion
  • Promote self-healing
  • Enhance personal awareness


During your indoor session, you can choose to listen to soothing music, have some quiet time just for you, or we can chat during your session- whichever you prefer.

Please contact me to arrange a session, which last for an hour and costs £45.