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Claire Lilley - Wellbeing in Wiltshire

Welcome to my website. As a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, my aim is to provide a variety of options to improve both physical and mental health- a holistic way to feel good and to be, and to promote calmness and relaxation. I offer counselling and reiki  near Devizes in Market Lavington, Wiltshire..


I offer psychotherapeutic counselling near Devizes, Wiltshire. My role is to support you and to provide a safe place for you to explore your feelings and provide an outlet for emotions.

Life can throw all sorts of unexpected events at us. At the  we are all in a very unusual situation with Covid19, with the added stress of social distancing and the fear of being ill ourselves.  Anxiety and depression can be a result of not being able to be close to poorly friends or being isolated, Being in lock-down with family where relationships are foundering can require careful management. Talking to someone who can listen without judgement, can help to bring a new perspective to handling.  the struggle of day-to-day life.

I believe in a holistic approach to mental and physical health, and have both indoor and outdoor facilities, with options for outdoor therapy, the healing qualities of being in nature and around animals. In normal circumstances, we would meet face to face, but while we are within the confines of social isolation, I am working in different ways.

Options I offer are::

  • We can do live on-line face-to-face sessions on Zoom 
  • Have a chat on Whatsapp
  • Exchange texts or email
  • Talk on the phone

As a therapeutic counsellor, a combined approach to psychotherapy enables me to bring together different elements of specific therapies to work in the best way to help you.  I work  with a view that there is no single approach that can help each client in all situations.


Indoor therapy may not be for everyone: being outdoors can be very grounding and healing – connecting with nature can promote a sense of calm and serenity, even if the weather is bad! Nature is powerful and profound and can be refreshing for the soul.

Animal-assisted counselling

Animals can play a very important part in the therapeutic process, aiding relaxation and a sense of calm, reflecting mood and body language.


Movement is good for both physical and mental health. Exercise boosts your mood, and improves physical awareness: classes are a great way to make friends.

Life can seem very busy. Taking a mental break through mediation helps you to discover a quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Feeling overwhelmed is common if you have many worries on your mind, and trying to juggle daily life. Mindfulness helps you to focus on one thing at a time, to take time and to find pleasure in simple tasks, bringing a sense of calm to the day.


Physical and emotional issues can have a huge effect on the body’s energy. self-heal. Reiki can help to rebalance the equilibrium  between mind and body through deep relaxation.

I am a qualified Counsellor,  Reiki Master, Exercise Professional, and a British Horse Society Registered Equestrian Coach.

I can offer:

Please contact me for further details on any of the above.

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Outdoor Counselling

I am offering outdoor counselling in my lovely garden. We will adhere to current Government guidelines regarding social distancing.

My garden pond

There are plenty of options to sit, some involving steps. Please wear suitable footwear..

Lovely flowers in my garden

In case of adverse weather, please wear waterproof clothing. An umbrella may be useful to bring, but I have some available here.


This also a lovely setting for meditation

Payment can be made by Paypal or by bank transfer.

Account T/A Claire Lilley

sort code 09-01-26

account number 60083578



Booking Information for Claire’s Flexercise Classes

Claire’s Classes Booking information

Thank you all for showing such a great response to classes starting up again. I am really grateful for those of you who have continued with Zoom classes and the exercise videos. The video exercises  and Friday Zoom session will continue to be available, so if you miss a place in the live class, you can still order these on a weekly basis.


Booking for the 12 available places in each class will be on a first come first served basis. It is essential to book ahead with me even if you are paying with a card on the day. This is to enable me to offer your place to someone on the waiting list should you not be able to come. The deadline will be two days before your first session. Cancellations must be made and confirmed with me 2 days before. Otherwise your payment will be non-refundable or transferable.

Please complete the registration form and either send it by email, post or if this is not possible, bring it on the day.      

  Registration Form 2020/21


Payment can be made in advance by:

  • the paypal link on my website (add link)
  • by bank transfer to:

Account name: T/A Claire Lilley.

Sort code: 09-01-26

Account number: 60083578

  • Alternatively you can send a cheque payable to Claire Lilley to;

Claire Lilley, The Rest, Northbrook, Market lavington SN10 4AP

  • I can also accept credit/debit card payments in advance and on the day, but to avoid a queue, please pay in advance if at all possible.

 Contact me

Advance bookings will be taken by email (

or by phone/text. (07710 420357)



FLexercise Classes Covid-19 Precautions Briefing sheet

FLexercise Classes Covid-19 Precautions Briefing sheet

An assessment of the venue’s risk assessment will be made to ensure Government guidelines on social distancing measures and hygiene are upheld. For classes involving movement, a 3metre distance is advised. (See class plan)

Due to current space restrictions, there will be no floor work at this time. If chairs are used, they must be wiped down appropriately before and after use.

A booking system will be in place for on-line payment and to ensure a limit on available places and avoid cash handling. A register of participants’ contact details will be kept.

Class members are encouraged to be responsible for their own hand sanitising measures on entering and leaving the hall and following social distancing protocol. Tissues and sanitiser will be provided for wiping surfaces touched and a rubbish bag provided for their safe disposal.

Class members are to limit what they bring to class to a water bottle and keys. Where exercise equipment is required, they must bring their own. (such as a scarf, ball, resistance band.) There will be no shared items available.

All one-way systems in the venue to be observed. Only one person allowed in the toilets at any time.

Please park cars away from each other where possible.

Participants are requested to self-screen and not to attend if feeling unwell. If they become ill during class, they must immediately leave the venue and seek medical adivice. Should they test positive they MUST advise me and the NHS for tracing purposes.

No participant will be allowed return to the class for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms and they must be at least 7 days with no symptoms. They will not be allowed back to class for at least 14 days from the onset of symptoms and will require clearance from the COVID Medical officer before they return.

Clinically extremely vulnerable individuals or those continuing to live with anyone deemed clinically extremely vulnerable should not be engaged in the class environment in line with current government advice.

Participants deemed ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ should continue to follow government advice. This currently includes maintaining ‘shielding’ and therefore, should not return to organised exercise outside of the home.

 Any participant who may become symptomatic whilst at the class should leave the venue immediately without touching anything and without coming into close contact with anyone.

If they are clinically unstable, they will be isolated in a separate room and medical assistance called for. Venue to be notified to ensure the isolation room to be cleaned after use.

Exercise Classes in Market Lavington and Devizes

Normal classes will be resuming in September. Classes will be limited to 12.

Bookings will be available from September. This will be subject to change should the Covid situation in the UK change.

Click here for booking details

Weekly exercise downloads will continue to be available if you do not want to come to a group session yet.

Flexercise with Claire Downloads

We will follow Government guidelines for social distancing in classes. Take a look at my FLexercise Class Covid-19 Briefing Sheet.


Exercise Classes in Market Lavington and Devizes

If improved fitness, energy and strength are on your fit list, you’re in luck. These unique classes are part exercise, part dance but all fun. Your future fitness is at your fingertips.

The system’s winning mix based on yoga, remedial health exercises and movement, achieves good posture and balance through exercise and maintains it through movement and dance.


FLexercise , which used to be known as the Women’s League of Health and Beauty, has played a key role in keeping women of all ages fit since the 1930s.

Classes focus on core-control, strength, balance and fitness. Teachers worldwide combine exercise and dance to carefully selected music in a way that is suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. The classes are great fun as well as a very effective way to improve your fitness.

Teachers carefully plan classes to suitable music, which helps to inspire you to perform the exercises – and lifts 
the spirit. Floor-work or chair-based exercise can also be incorporated into the class. Your individual needs will be assessed and by your teacher.

Classwork is suitable for all levels and abilities – you 
can work at your own pace, and move on to more advanced work when you are ready. The exercises can be as hard- working and physically challenging as you want them to be.

The exercises and movements are beneficial to your personal wellbeing. Over time they will improve your balance, agility, co-ordination and rhythmic ability as well as your stamina, strength and suppleness.

Classes are great fun and a good way to meet new friends. Socialise and mobilise- come along and give them a try.

The Wyvern Club

51 Church Walk Devizes SN10 3AA

  • Monday mornings 10.00-11.00am