The Psychology of Horsemanship by Claire Lilley

The Psychology of Horsemanship by Claire Lilley Horses are fascinating and perceptive creatures. Developing a thorough understanding of how a horse interprets the world around them and deliberately being self-aware as a rider, are the essential skills to a successful and fulfilling partnership. In The Psychology of Horsemanship. well-known equestrian author and horse expert, Claire Lilley, […]


Horse are wonderful creatures and being around them is a great way to understand more about your body language and non-verbal communication. They mirror our inner thoughts and feelings, and reflect our posture and anxieties and can be valuable partners in therapy.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions: Wiltshire Wellbeing By taking part in Wiltshire Wellbeing activities you personally assume all risks, and voluntarily accept all risks to yourself and/or your property. You are  responsible for judging that you personally have the necessary experience and capability to participate in the planned activities, and should you have any doubts you are […]