On-line Horse and Rider Training

On-line Horse and Rider Training

During these difficult times, I am offering half-hour live chat on-line horse and rider training sessions for just £20.

Schedule  a live face-to-face session with me to talk through training issues. If you have a film of you and your horse in action (15 mins max), please send it to me beforehand and we can plan your future progress.How to book a session

Email me to register your interest and to book a time.Live sessions last up to an hour and cost £40. This cost also covers assessing your video footage prior to chatting to you face-to-face.

How to pay

You can pay by Paypal:

On-line session

or by bank transfer to:

Claire Lilley Sort code 09-01-26 account 60083578

I can then invite you to the live session.

What you will need

You will need a computer, tablet or phone to log on to the Zoom web site. You can either download  Zoom to your device or log on with your browser. (you may need to make sure your browser is updated)

This the home page of Zoom:

Click on the link ‘join meeting’ and enter the code that I send to you once payment has been received. Please confirm your place by paying the day before. if you have any questions, my mobile number is 07710 420357.


You may get this screen  with Zoom:



The Psychology of Horsemanship by Claire Lilley

The Psychology of Horsemanship by Claire Lilley

Horses are fascinating and perceptive creatures. Developing a thorough understanding of how a horse interprets the world around them and deliberately being self-aware as a rider, are the essential skills to a successful and fulfilling partnership. In The Psychology of Horsemanship. well-known equestrian author and horse expert, Claire Lilley, shares her passion and knowledge about horses and riders developed from over forty years’ experience in the equestrian world, and more recently several years in the mental health profession. Divided into three sections, the book covers:

  • Equine psychology – the horse’s senses, primary responses and emotion
  • Training psychology – the rider’s communication, training and learning from past experiences
  • Relational psychology – the goals, the development and the challenges faced in successful horsemanship

With high-quality photographs, diagrams and extended real-life examples, this book explores the application of psychology to the world of horses and how the understanding and evolvement of the horse-rider relationship impacts on both mental and physical development.

Claire’s latest book is available from Crowood Press on the link below;

The Psychology of Horsemanship by Claire Lilley

Claire Lilley Spanish Horses

As Claire Lilley, I have  been involved with Spanish horses for most of my equestrian career, both as a trainer and rider. The most recent addition to the family is PRE Perdido, a stallion imported from Spain a couple of years ago. I am really enjoying a new lease of life, venturing out into the world of showing and dressage again after a ten year break.


We have competed in dressage and showing at Hartpury at the GBPRE shows in the last couple of years.




Perdido passed the ANCCE stallion grading in 2019 at The Unicorn Trust. He has super conformation and a wonderful attitude to life, and a pleasure to own. Look out for further updates in our progress soon!



The Problem-Free Horse by Claire Lilley

The Problem-Free Horse by Claire Lilley

Problems when handling your horse can happen to any owner at any time and can be a result of thoughtlessness, fear or simply just not knowing the right thing to do at the right time. A badly behaved horse is a danger to himself, you and anyone else who handles him. Through good management, you can re-educate your horse, or, preferably, avoid dangerous habits developing in the first place; it is much easier to prevent a likely problem than to spend weeks or months on remedial training.

The author has a lifetime’s experience of working with many different horses, all individuals with their own temperaments. Each horse has its own quirks and fears, but common to every horse is the need to be handled confidently and sensibly and this book is packed with advice on how this can be achieved.

Immensely practical and accessible, the book covers topics such as stable manners, control, leading, grooming, farriery, tacking up, clipping, loading, behaviour in the field; and because working with your horse from the ground is invaluable to building a rapport and encouraging good responsive behaviour, there are chapters on lungeing, long-reining and loose schooling.

Tackling both prevention and cure, The Problem-Free Horse is a common-sense guide on how to cope with all the little difficulties that can turn the euphoric dream of becoming a horse owner into an uncontrollable nightmare.


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