Equine Assisted Counselling

Equine Assisted Counselling

Horses are great counsellors. Equine assisted counselling is about the horse being part of the therapy session, alongside me, or I can work with you and your own horse. At our initial session, we can discuss if  horses would be of support to you in your individual counselling process.

Horses in Counselling


Horses mirror our feelings and our unconscious processes – being with them and developing a relationship with a horse is very special. Taking time to really notice what is going on for you in relation to the horse develops self-awareness and helps you to understand how you function.

Self Awareness

Learning about how you come across to a horse can influence your own life skills; in relationships for example, how you cope with stressful situations, perhaps in work or sports environments. The possibilities are endless.

Why horses?

Horses are very aware of non-verbal communication- our body language, how calm and confident we are, or not, simply by being in their presence. They pick up things about ourselves we are not even aware of-from a distance!

Working with psychosynthesis, horses play a great role with me in therapy sessions in finding about parts of ourselves that play a role in who we are, and how we respond to the world.

Animals can give us a sense of feeling understood, of not being judged, of being accepted, as in the person-centred approach to therapy.

We may be emotionally moved by photos or paintings of animals. Working with the Gesthalt approach, which is about what is happening for us right now, it is about being aware of animals in the moment, and taking time to notice how they make us feel.

Being outdoors and experiencing wildlife can be valuable to therapeutic counselling. Here are details of animal assisted counselling

50 minute sessions cost £40 each as part of ongoing therapeutic counselling.