Focus on Fitness

Do you find yourself trying so hard to get something right that you become tense and frustrated with yourself? You may be so desperate to lose weight/ get fitter/ be better, for example, that you lose sight of being self-aware and doing what is best for you.

Fitness Classes Devizes Wiltshire

Focusing on the “here and now“, being present “in the moment” calms the mind and relaxes the body. Exercise is not just about pushing yourself to your limits mentally and physically; it also needs to fulfil the “feel-good factor” for you.

Exercise should be a balance of aerobic work, stretching, balance, movement, breathing techniques, and enjoyment.

How do I Focus on Fitness? 

We will work on slow movements, focusing the mind on each one. Movements are based on t’ai chi and yoga, stretching and breathing, bringing a peace to working with your body rather than forcing it to do what is unnatural.

Fitness Classes in WiltshireImproving your posture is a key element to well-being. Focusing on yourself is about enjoying the moment and to see yourself in a kind and positive way, learning techniques that can be used for a short time each day to introduce calmness into your life, reducing the body’s signs os stress such as high blood pressure, feelings of panic, shortness of breathe and so on.

What happens in a session?

You will be standing/sitting on a chair or lying on a mat – whichever you prefer. We will check your posture and focus on your breath to start with to calm your mind- and to slow down a ‘busy’ brain.

We will work through the body releasing tension, aiming for a deep sense of peace and relaxation. We will spend some time on relaxing each part of the body in turn, focusing on breathing techniques.

We will progress gradually through simple movements to calming music aiming to create balance between mind and body. This is a part of the popular FLexercise classes I offer.

body stretch

Sorry-the beach setting is not included!!

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