FLexercise Classes Covid-19 Precautions Briefing sheet

FLexercise Classes Covid-19 Precautions Briefing sheet

An assessment of the venue’s risk assessment will be made to ensure Government guidelines on social distancing measures and hygiene are upheld. For classes involving movement, a 3metre distance is advised. (See class plan)

Due to current space restrictions, there will be no floor work at this time. If chairs are used, they must be wiped down appropriately before and after use.

A booking system will be in place for on-line payment and to ensure a limit on available places and avoid cash handling. A register of participants’ contact details will be kept.

Class members are encouraged to be responsible for their own hand sanitising measures on entering and leaving the hall and following social distancing protocol. Tissues and sanitiser will be provided for wiping surfaces touched and a rubbish bag provided for their safe disposal.

Class members are to limit what they bring to class to a water bottle and keys. Where exercise equipment is required, they must bring their own. (such as a scarf, ball, resistance band.) There will be no shared items available.

All one-way systems in the venue to be observed. Only one person allowed in the toilets at any time.

Please park cars away from each other where possible.

Participants are requested to self-screen and not to attend if feeling unwell. If they become ill during class, they must immediately leave the venue and seek medical adivice. Should they test positive they MUST advise me and the NHS for tracing purposes.

No participant will be allowed return to the class for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms and they must be at least 7 days with no symptoms. They will not be allowed back to class for at least 14 days from the onset of symptoms and will require clearance from the COVID Medical officer before they return.

Clinically extremely vulnerable individuals or those continuing to live with anyone deemed clinically extremely vulnerable should not be engaged in the class environment in line with current government advice.

Participants deemed ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ should continue to follow government advice. This currently includes maintaining ‘shielding’ and therefore, should not return to organised exercise outside of the home.

 Any participant who may become symptomatic whilst at the class should leave the venue immediately without touching anything and without coming into close contact with anyone.

If they are clinically unstable, they will be isolated in a separate room and medical assistance called for. Venue to be notified to ensure the isolation room to be cleaned after use.