Horses have been part of my life for many years, since I was a little girl. They are my best friends, but also my work colleagues in both the equestrian world and in mental health.

Equine Assisted Counselling

Horses are wonderful creatures and being around them is a great way to understand more about your body language and non-verbal communication. They mirror our inner thoughts and feelings, and reflect our posture and anxieties and because of this they can be valuable partners in therapy.Equine assisted counselling is where a horse is present in a therapy session. The session takes place outdoors,  in close proximity to the horse, and me, either in the stable yard or field. The presence of a horse assists the therapeutic process by adding another dimension to exploring your emotions, relationships and evaluating a sense of self worth.


Equine Assisted Counselling  For Horse Riders

As an equestrian professional for many years,  I can work with you and your own horse to develop your relationship, and to work with any issues you may have. Most importantly, we will  focus on gaining a better understanding about your horse and about yourself. Sessions will include ‘talking therapy’ without the horse, to gain understanding about yourself, and issues going on for you. We will also work with your horse, to improve how you function together.

We can discuss what comes up for you, and time will be spent on common issues that can turn horsemanship from a pleasurable experience into a nightmare!

I can offer a ‘package deal’ of 6 sessions, for example, starting and finishing with you on your own to notice and understand the change in your relationship with your horse.

50 minute sessions cost £40 each in the ‘package deal’ (travel costs may apply)

Sessions also available online via Skype or other service.

Find more news and information about horses and Equine assisted Counselling  by clicking here

Classical Dressage Training for Horse and Rider

Please note: in our current situation, all tuition will be in line with current Government guidelines. 

As a classical dressage trainer, I have worked with riders and horses for most of my life and consequently have a lot of experience with all levels of rider, and many breeds of horse, including Iberian breeds. One-to-one lessons are priced from £45 per hourly session, plus travel.
I also offer one-to-one on-line training   as well as on-line seminars. Please see the events page for details.
Clinics and workshops  are available on request.
My equestrian website has been replaced with information on my Facebook page,

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