Meditation Market Lavington

Meditation in Market Lavington  

Sessions are a combination of  Meditation, slowing mental activity and Mindfulness – being present and “in the moment.” One to one sessions available, outdoors in my lovely grounds or therapy room.


We will check your posture and focus on your breathing technique to  calm your mind- and to slow down a ‘busy’ brain.

Releasing tension in the body, creates a deep sense of peace and relaxation. We will spend some time on relaxing each part of the body in turn, focusing on breathing techniques.


Focusing on yourself is about enjoying the moment and to see yourself in a kind and positive way, learning techniques that can be used for a short time each day to introduce calmness into your life, reducing the body’s signs of stress such as high blood pressure, feelings of panic, shortness of breathe and so on.

Mindfulness in nature

Contact me  for more information and to book. I work one-to-one or bring a friend with you.