Reiki in the Stable

A friend of mine had a new horse. His stable was in an old farm building, and since he had arrived, he always stood at the back of the box, and avoided the middle of the bed.

The evening I visited, he showed early signs of colic, and was very quiet and subdued, with no movement in his guts. The vet was called, and he relaxed after a while, and back to eating his hay.

Reiki in the stable

My friend’s previous horse had suffered with colic in that stable, and had sadly to be put down outside, in the yard. The next morning, she asked me to “tune in to my reiki vibes” and see what I sensed in his stable.

I was drawn to stand by the wall on one side, and could sense hooves thrashing against this wall.I had picked up on the energy of her poor horse that had died, but sensed that he did not know what had happened to him, and that he did not know he had passed away.

I sensed another animal in the middle of the stable. I could visualise a large, brown cow, standing in the middle of the box- the spot her current horse avoided. I sensed that this cow also did not know what had happened to her. The stable felt quite crowded, so i spoke to these two, and told them what had happened to them, and mentally led them to the door, showing them the way out. I felt a sense of peace and calm in the stable, and space.

A few days later, my friend called me. her horse was calmer, and had totally changed his behaviour in the stable. He was happy, settled, and was using the whole box, and happily claiming his space in the middle of the stable.

Strange, but true.