Reiki Practitioner

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Well, I am qualified as a Reiki master, and am finding it fascinating working with both people and animals, working with this natural energy. I have always felt I could tune into animals, particularly horses, and I am thrilled that what I have been doing for years is a recognised skill.

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My grandmother was a spiritual healer, and I was never quite sure of what she did or how she helped people and animals, but she always said I should persue and develop this inherited skill, and I am so pleased that I have finally been at a point in my life to explore this.

Grandma H amd me feeding swans

As a counselling and psychotherapy student in my final year of a BACP Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling study, I use counselling techniques to back up my Reiki work. Reiki aids relaxation and helps you to deal with anxiety. Being in a calm frame of mind and in a safe environment can be condusive with wanting to talk, without being judged.