The Owl – Symbolism

The Owl – Symbolism

The owl has been valued as a spirit animal, or totem for a very long time. It symbolises ancient knowledge in Native American Indian beliefs, as a soul protector at the end of life to Egyptians. The ancient Greeks saw the owl as a protector of their armies.

Having an affinity with the owl, dreaming of them, or seeing them around, or coincidentally coming across the owl in daily life may be taken as an indication to embrace what the owl may symbolise to you. There may be traits in the owl that are pertinent to you right now, or qualities the owl has that may be of benefit in your life. To discover more about why the owl is in your thoughts, meditation can be a valuable way to sense what this means to you at the moment.

Qualities of the owl:







Finding truth




Owls can symbolise:

Exploring shadows and fears

Seeing fine details

Needing protection through Change or transition

Time to leave the past behind and move forwards

Seeing things as they really are, being aware of deception