Flexercise with Cuddly Toy

Another dimension to our Flexercise Zoom class this morning, with ‘ bring a cuddly toy’ session. As you can see, we had a wide range of toys from flamingo to anteater! It felt to me like bringing a friend to exercise with. Benefits also were improved co-ordination, knowing what our arms and legs were doing!

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My FLexercise classes are live on-line. You will be able to see me, and I can see you too, to help you. You could also do my pre-recorded video sessions alongside the live ones.


This an exciting time for exploring new technology and a way to keep contact with you until we can meet face to face again. Clear a space to work safely at home, wear comfortable clothing and have drinking water handy. Work within your own range of ability. You know your own body better than anyone, so do exercise responsibly. Please complete and return by email the  consent and medical history form below before your first session.

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