The Scales of Training Workbook by Claire Lilley

The Scales of Training Workbook

The Scales of Training Workbook refers to the basic schooling of every horse whether the rider wishes to concentrate on dressage, jumping or eventing.  If the scales are not correct at novice level, then it is unlikely that horse and rider will progress to advanced levels and be able to maintain a consistent level of achievement any way!

The Scales of Training are used in dressage competitions to check if the horse’s way of going is correct. They are just as important for the novice horse as for the advanced. The relevance of the Scales of Training to jumping is explained. Exercises are given to help you improve your horse’s level of training, including the use of ground poles, music and other schooling suggestions. Illustrations and photos are given of horses working both correctly and incorrectly to show clear examples of what is right, and wrong. Explanations give on common mistakes, misunderstandings and the detrimental effects of not following the Scales of Training are included.

Rhythm – Suppleness – Contact – Impulsion – Straightness – Collection

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