Movement for the Mind

Movement for the mind works by helping us focus on the way our body is affected when we are anxious or fearful. Focusing on how we feel in our bodies helps to identify physical sensations, which can relate to emotional issues. I work with you one-to-one  using gentle stretching exercises, focusing on posture, to help you to connect mind and body.

Learning how to stretch and relax your body also calms the mind. I use gentle Tai-chi based exercise to relieve stress and tension  creating a sense of calm and to lift your mood.

Controlled breathing and focusing mindfully on how you are moving helps you to focus ‘in the moment’. This can be part of on-going therapy, using techniques in your counselling sessions, especially working with trauma, where understanding the body helps to access underlying fears in a calm and safe way.

Exercise helps you to feel positive about yourself, increasing your self-esteem, which is a useful tool in coping with life on a day to day basis. As well as improving your energy levels and improving sleep and digestion, the sense of achievement increases self-worth and lifts your mood, reducing stress and improving resilience to life events.

I offer one-to-one sessions either in person or on-line.


Self Awareness

Self awareness

Stressed? Anxious? Lack of confidence? Developing self-awareness helps to identify triggers which cause anxiety. Once we notice what happens to us, both mentally and physically, we can start to  learn how to keep calm and focused on what we need to, improving our ability to concentrate. This in turn improves self-confidence and feeling more able to cope with daily life. Counselling can help you to learn more about yourself.

Self-awareness can be helped by the following:

  • Meditation
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques.
  • Fitness and posture.
  • Learning to trust your intuition.
  • Learning more about yourself as a person.



Venturing into the realms of self-awareness takes bravery. Are you brave enough to open the door into the world of self-discovery?

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Walk and Talk Outdoor Counselling

Walk and Talk outdoor counselling is available at my psychotherapy practice. A short walk from my therapy room, private, secluded fields offer an inspiring place to have your therapy session,

Being surrounded by nature can help us to reconnect with our senses and emotions, as well as aiding relaxation and a sense of calm. There is space to walk, to relax, to observe wildlife  and listen to the birds. Relaxation can really help to give a new perspective to problems and worries, and a valuable aspect to working particularly with trauma. 

By the stream


As the ground can be wet underfoot in winter, outdoor clothing is necessary,

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The stream after the storm

The stream after the storm

After the last few days of rainstorms, our usually placid stream became more energetic with the volume of water pushing along its route. I hope you enjoy this short film, and embrace whatever energy it brings you.


What is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy, or nature therapy, is about being outdoors, using nature to compliment counselling sessions. Talking about what you notice outdoors in your counselling sessions can help you to understand more about what is going on for you right now.

How does Ecotherapy (Nature therapy) work?

  • Being outside connects us to nature, the here and now.
  • Using your senses in the surroundings connects mind and body.
  • It gives an opportunity for self-reflection
  • Creates a sense of calm and brings awareness to how you are feeling right now.
  • It can be easier to talk about your worries when walking, moving around.
  • exploring nature leads to exploring you own thoughts.


Using Mindfulness outdoors is about paying close and full attention to something in your awareness, to still a busy mind, focusing on your breath. Examples are: listening to the birds, feeling the breeze on your face, feeling the ground underfoot, touching leaves of a tree. Using your senses helps you to be focus on how you feel right now.


  • Be comfortable, dress for the weather, being cold, wet, or too hot, distracts from being able to fully focus on what is around you.
  • Being outdoors may evoke memories, which is where my role as your therapist can be useful, to explore sad, and happy memories, to help you to understand, and to learn about  your feelings.

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Take a look with me at what Ecotherapy is and how it can benefit you.